• How do I move from L level to K level?

You can move at the start of your 10th grade year, if you have an 85 end of year average in the previous L level course.

  • How do I drop from K level to L level?

You must have a parent request at progress report or report card and give the letter to your teacher, and your average has to be less than an 80.  There are deadlines so speak to your counselor or teacher if you are considering this option.

  • How do I know what classes are offered K level?

The High School Course Description Book has that information on page 5.



  • Do I have to pass any STAAR tests to graduate?

Yes, you must pass 5 tests called End of Course (EOC). 9th grade: Algebra, English I and Biology.           10th grade: English II. 11th grade US History.

  • How do I become a 10th grader?


To become a 10th grader you must have 1 year of attendance and 5 credits, including credit for        English I and Algebra I.

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